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Directors Guild of Canada

Born in Windsor, Ontario during the mid 70’s, David was as much influenced by the films of that period as by growing up in the shadow of Detroit City. It was in his early teens that he was given a camera, triggering a series of skateboarding films that put him in the director’s chair at age 14.

After completing an Advertising degree, and graduating from Vancouver Film School, he quickly directed two feature length films back to back, both receiving international distribution. Wanting to further spread his creative wings, David moved into the world of commercials and music videos helming over 100 projects for several international recording artists and brands and giving both mediums his cinematic visual flair.

David most recently directed the TV Movie “Snatched From Mommy” AKA "A Mother's Fury" for Reel One Entertainment and is scheduled for a Novemeber 3rd release on Lifetime Network.

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